Welcome to Peergroups, the online platform for easy sharing

Peergroups is for groups what Peerby is for neighbours: the online platform to easily share each other's thingsThis allows us to save money, space and resources together.

If you want to share with your colleauges, hobbyclub or sports team, Peergroups is the solution!

How does it work?

A Peergroup is a group of people that meet each other regularly. The office, a business park, members of your club: you have more peers than you think!

Need a travel guide? A waffle iron? A projector? Skateboard? With Peergroups you can send a request to the members of your group with just a few clicks.

Our partners

We currently work together with Ikea, Greentrack Gent en Bedrijvig Brugge. Will you be next?


Peergroups is a paying platform. We don't make any profit, but we use this income to keep the platform up to date and to offer a variety of services.

Number of members1-99100-499500+
Use of the online platform
Mediation in case something goes wrong
Waranty in difficult cases
One-time startup cost € 250 € 500 € 1 per persoon
Monthly cost € 250 €250 €250

A discount for non-profit organisations is possible.

Do you want an appointment or more information? Don't hesitate to contact us, free of obligation.